There are different types of peels depending on the desired outcome. Chemical peels are used to slowly correct acne, uneven pigmentation, sun damage and fine lines by stimulating the epidermis to renew itself faster. They also help topical medications penetrate the skin and give improved outcomes. Overall, deeper peels require more recovery time than superficial peels. In general, almost any peel can be performed one to two weeks prior to a social engagement. Most patients require a series of anywhere from two to five chemical peels performed in sequence to obtain the desired outcome. Chemical peels performed by a dermatologist are stronger than those that can be performed by an aesthetician or someone who works in a medi-spa. 

These injections are used to rid or soften the wrinkles of the forehead (horizontal lines and “number 11s”), mouth (vertical lines and a down-turned mouth), nose (bunny lines) and around the eyes (crow’s feet) as well as the bands on the neck. The injections work by preventing the specific muscles causing the wrinkle from contracting and making it deeper. The amount injected can be finessed to give the desired result. Too much of it can result in a “frozen” or expressionless face or an unnatural look. The purpose of these injections is to soften the expression so that the wrinkles don’t become more severe and with repeated injections will disappear.

These types of injections are considered skin “plumpers.” They are used for the restoration of overall volume loss as well as for filling in wrinkles. As we age, we lose the very infrastructure upon which our skin rests. We lose collagen, fat, muscle and bone which results in volume depletion. This in turn makes the skin sag. The different fillers exist for different areas of the face and also for different purposes. For example, some people who want to have fuller lips need a different filler than those people who want to have the lines around their mouth softened or effaced. These treatments are easily tailored to a patient’s specific needs.