Laser treatment is available for a variety of conditions which are undesirable for the patient.  Many of these conditions occur as a result of a pre-existing medical condition, sun damage or heredity.  In the right hands, it is considered a safe, effective and lasting treatment for many of these unwelcome conditions.  The sensation of the laser on the skin is a sensation that is akin to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin. 

Our device treats the following conditions: 

Hyperpigmentation or "age spots" which are caused from years of sun exposure (NOTE: it is not an ideal treatment for a condition called melasma)

Telangiecctasias or "broken blood vessels/capillaries" and cherry angiomas or "red dots" that appear on the skin due to age and heredity, conditions such as rosacea, or long-term sun exposure

Hypertrichosis or "unwanted hair" can be safely removed from an area with an 80% reduction of the unwanted hair that lasts for 5 years after a few treatment sessions

Photofacial or Photorejuvenation treatment is the application of the laser light to the entire face for the purpose of reversing or diminishing the years of sun damage that caused the uneven pigmentation of the skin which results in the appearance of looking "old."

If you are wondering if you are a candidate for laser treatment, please set up a consultation to discuss all treatment options for the condition you are trying to treat.