FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Finance / Insurance

We will make a copy of your insurance card(s) when you arrive in the office.  If you do not present your insurance card(s) at the time of your visit, or if your treatment with us is not covered under your insurance plan, you will be required to pay for your office visit at the time of service.  We accept Visa and Mastercard.  We will be happy to submit a claim to your insurance carrier for reimbursement directly to you.  (If you are not sure if we are under your insurance plan, please contact your insurance company to verify this information.)

Our staff has been trained to understand many insurance company policies, but they DO NOT have all the answers about your specific benefits.  Please contact your employer for a copy of your Benefits Guidebook, or call your insurance company should you need more detailed information about your coverage.

Past Due Account Balances:

If your account balance becomes past due, appropriate action will be taken to collect the amount due.  If you have issues that prevent you from paying the full balance due, please contact our office so we can help you find a solution.  If your account is forwarded for further collection action the patient is responsible for collection fees and may be dismissed from the practice.

Returned Checks:

The fee for each check returned for insufficient funds is $25.  This fee will be automatically charged to your account when your check is returned by the bank.

Missed Appointments:

We understand that emergencies, though rare, do occur, and are taken into consideration; however, we have invested substantial resources to provide care for you and had staff members waiting for your arrival.  The courtesy of a cancellation phone call 1 business day, Monday through Friday, prior to your appointment time would be most helpful to provide care to other patients waiting to be seen.  We require the 1 business day cancellation, or a $25 missed appointment fee will be charged.  If a surgical procedure is cancelled without 1 business day notice, a $50 fee will be charged.  This fee must be paid before any future appointments can be scheduled.

How much can I expect my full skin exam to cost?

The cost of your visit can vary widely, depending on your individual insurance coverage and what procedures are performed at the time of your visit.  It is important to know what your plan's annaual deductible and coinsurance are.  We will bill your insurance for an office visit and any procedures that may be performed.  Because we are examining your skin to evaluate any skin cancers, we strive to provide quality care by treating any suspicious lesions when we see them.  If you are hesitant about treatment due to the cost, please speak with one of the medical assistants or the physician.

I had a full skin exam already this year.  Will my insurance deny another exam in this calendar year?

Full skin exams are billed to your insurance company as an office visit.  These are not billed as "preventative" or "physicals", so your insurance company will not deny for calendar year.  If your plan covers office visits, they most likely will also cover a full skin exam.

Do I have to pay a copay for every visit?

Copays are determined by your insurance company based on the codes that the provider submits to them.  In dermatology, there is a copay required for office visits and frequently for treatment sessions.  If you have any questions regarding this, please contact our billing staff and/or your insurance company.

I have 2 insurances, how do I know which one is primary?

When you have 2 insurances, it is very important that you coordinate between them BOTH to determine who is primary and who is secondary.  Our insurance staff will not know which insurance to submit to first without your instruction.  It is extremely time consuming and complicated to switch insurance orders after claims have been submitted.  A charge may be incurred for having to rebill different insurances if you have instructed us to use the incorrect one.